Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't get me started

I have a problem. It's one that other people won't and don't share... it's that bad.

I feel contrite simply thinking about typing it.

It's more than an addiction. It's not a fad. It's not something I'm likely to grow out of. In fact, it can only get worse. Mills has tried to control me, out of love and concern, but he has realised that It is bigger than him. He has called for support, he has tried to reason. It is financially draining, it is not easy to procure, but when I do get It, it's good.

So good.

So good, that I feel ashamed.

My closest friends and family know about It. I've told them about my compulsion and they've seen it for themselves. It's not pretty. They try to make light of the situation, but I know they discuss it behind my back. I can see their supportive smiles that quiver ever so slightly at the corners of their mouths, out of concern - and a little bit of mirth.

It is Tupperware. There, I said it. It's out. Go ahead, judge me. From some of the reactions I receive, I think prostituting myself in the Red Light District would be more socially acceptable.

I love Tupperware. I am as far from a Domestic Treasure as you are likely to get, never knew the 1950s Good Housewife regulations, and yet I still love Tupperware. Please don't insult me by thinking about Euro-buster mass-produced soft containers that melt and buckle and stain after three weeks... I am not talking about the plastic shit you get off the Pick 'n Pay bottom shelf.

I'm talking about name-brand 30-euros-a-piece high-class plastic. Yes, it's bad. Even when people keel over, derisively clutching their throats as they choke on the very thought of spending so much on 'a piece of plastic', I find myself earnestly justifying the expense...

I mean come on people, there isn't a mother out there who doesn't still use that Tupperware container/mixer/baking bowl that was first purchased when you were in diapers. You know it's true. Tupperware lasts.

And it's (largely) unbreakable. I don't care if you have to sit through a Tupperware demonstration to get it. It's worth it.


I told you not to let me get started.


Anonymous said...

Not a tupperware tout myself, but I have to agree with you Koekie, we do still all have those Tupperware bits we were diddled into at a tupperware party when you were in diapers... and the Tuperware toys we bought will still be great when your children are ready to paly witht is that for a challenge??
Wicked witch of the North

Champagne Heathen said...

Don't let my boyfriend read this! He is a bizarre obsessed fan of "the tupperware" in its true form too. However, he is not a fan of the shops, so I at least avoid his addiction nicely.

Little Big Sis said...

I have a theory that it's not your fault, it's part of your genes!
I think your Mom is possibly the only person I knew when we were growing up who had a perfectly organised tupperware cupboard. We might all love the containers but how many tupperware fanatics have all of the lids...
Your Mom's kitchen: Lids all hung on the door in size order, largest at the back smallest in the front. The bowls are always beautifully stacked, in size order.
I don't think you stood a chance my friend :-)