Sunday, October 18, 2009


Since I was about 17 I've looked older than I was. Or people have just thought I looked older than I was. Whatever, either way the only time I got asked for ID was when I was standing with particularly young looking friends. It was cool. Everyone wants to look older than they are... when they're a teen.

Ten years (or so) later, it's not so cool. I've just started a new job and am getting to know the new colleagues. I was talking about being in my late-twenties and the big 30 looming in the next few years. "Really," said a co-worker without so much as a smirk, "I thought you were at least 33, or closer to Nellie's age!"

Nellie is 37. Are you kidding me, bitch?

So that's what prompted me to spend excessive amounts on Nivea products earlier today. Standing with my shoulders slumped in the facial product isle, Mills recognised that I needed a supportive hug. Do I really look like I'm in my mid-thirties? Is it these dark bags under my eyes? I thought I'd be able to hit thirty before I had to buy eye cream or wrinkle-free anything.



rd said...

I'm guessing the Platinum highlights during high school didn't help?

Sorry sis, in our next life, we'll trade genes, I promise

Anonymous said...
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Littl Big Sis said...

Haven't been reading these for a while now, so having a good giggle this morning while I catch up.

I'm not sure what is worse being olde or younger. On Saturday evening at a party I was mistaken twice in the space of about an hour as my sisters younger sibling. I can promise it's just as frustrating...