Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Science doesn't stand a chance

Los Angeles has just experienced a small earthquake this morning (their time). This in itself is not big news, especially following the devastating quakes experienced in central and southern America recently. But out of interest, I was following updates with Google Wave - most (pretty much all) of my colleagues live and work in LA and I have to admit that it has been pretty interesting following the Twitter updates as they were added.

Most of them are just standard this-is-me-thinking-aloud statements, like: "omigod, 4am - jolted awake cos of the earthquake" or "4.4 mag earthquake just hit LA!"

But one caught my attention:

"Wth. A magnatude of 4.4 earthquake at 4.04am. That is either a coincidence or someone planned it......"

[note: "Wth" most likely translates to "What The Hell". Spelling and italics are directly quoted. As are the gazillion ellipses at the end. Because everyone knows if you're not actually saying anything but you want people to think you are, you should end your sentence with as much implied mystery as possible]
And so, the conspiracy theories start.....

Omigod. 4.4 mag at 4.04am.
This must be a sign. But of what...?
Wait, it happened on the 16th of March 2010.

Four times four equals... sixteen!!!
Are you freaked out yet?!

If this isn't enough to convince you that there are ulterior forces (or should we say FOURces?) behind this recent event, read on.

March is the third month of the year. 03.2010
If you remove all the zeroes (which don't count for anything anyway), you're left with a 3 and a 21.

Three added to twenty one is twenty four, which is also a multiple of four! This can only mean one thing....
The Fantastic Four are real and they are behind the recent spate of massive earthquakes!
AND the next big earthquake is going to hit on the 24th of the fourth!

It has been predicted by web-bots, Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar, so it must be true!!

In your face, Tectonophysics. Your science will never compete with irrational arguments and fabricated calculations.


rd said...

Have you ever tried typing 9/11 in Wingdings on Microsoft Word.
May conspiracy theorists never die!

rd said...

ps, it must be in Word2003...