Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Things that Mills has learnt about me:
  1. I cannot eat with mismatching cutlery. We have three sets of semi- to complete cutlery. If I eat with one fork, I have to use the matching knife. I cannot eat with a blue-handled knife and plain silver fork. Not an option. The food will render itself tasteless and acidic if this were to happen.
  2. I must sleep on the right hand side of the bed. I must also walk on the right hand side of someone I am walking with (this does not apply to strangers, just had to clear that up). You would think that, after four years, Mills would've gotten used to me coming to a dead stop, walking behind him and onto his right hand side when we're out for a stroll, but he hasn't.
  3. I cannot walk over trapdoor or grates in the road/pavement. If it is fixed with hinges, or even screws, I cannot walk over it. It gives me the willies. Even if I'm on the right hand side.
  4. If given the option, I will choose to travel backwards on public transport. I don't like scenery flying towards me at high speeds. It makes me feel ill.
  5. I dance. Randomly... even if there's no music. Most people find this weird.
  6. I am a conspiracy-theorist. I have nothing to back up my theories, but I share them in great detail with Mills. He rolls his eyes. A lot.

He digs me.


Peaches said...

Ah bless Mills.

You are the champion of randomness Koeks babe!

Kop said...

Can you say O C D?!