Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm going to start getting superstitious about catching the bus all the way to work. The other day, I decided to go by bus and got stuck behind yet another cyclist who had been knocked down. It was also on a bridge which left no option for getting off the bus. It seems that every time I decide to catch the bus to work, a cyclist gets taken on en route. Does anyone else remember the Friends episode where Phoebe refuses to go to the dentist because she's afraid of killing someone...?

Anyway. Public transport. Or as I've come to know it now... 'vervoer'.

Earlier this week I was running to catch the tram. I don't know why I was running, because I know there'll be another tram in three or four minutes. But I missed that tram by seconds, because as I was running, my bag flew off my shoulder and I lost one shoe.

It really is quite ridiculous. Commuting reduces adults to childhood. I've seen very elegantly dressed business women kick at bus doors when the vehicle pulled off before they could get on. People take off across train stations to catch their transport on time. People shove and eye ball each other suspiciously, afraid that someone else might get on the train/bus/tram before them.

I know, because I'm one of them.

Still, the all-time favourite must be the day I got my head stuck between the turnstyle gates in London. While swiping through, I dropped my oyster card. Trying to save time (and terrified to lose my place in the cattle queue), I whipped around and tried to catch it before the gates closed.

Too late. The gates slammed shut on my temples. Fortunately, they don't close when they're obstructed, but they do bounce nicely. A few times.

At least public transport is never dull. Not for me anyway.
Of course, I could always take a bike to work...


Peaches said...

Have to admit that I dont miss standing nose deep into some grotty strangers armpit for an hour on the tube at all!!


And getting your peanut caught in the turnstile? That's proper.

kop said...

You are missing out on beautiful rides during sunlite mornings and evenings!

Not that there is a hope in hell I would ride to work!

Champagne Heathen said...

Transport can be made public? I did not realise. I live in Jo'burg.

ChewTheCud said...

When in London I would usually skip a train that everyone is crowding on and wait for the next one. It'd be along shortly and was usually much emptier. Why all the rush? Hehe ;)