Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wait for November..

Got up this morning, laughed at the first-world mud island struggling with third-world disasters of flood and drought at the same time, got dressed, did my hair (sort of) and left for work.

Stepped out of front door to discover it was drizzling. So what else is new?

Got 50m down the road to bus stop, just as it started raining properly. But it's still good. I'm no sugar lump, I won't melt. And I didn't waste too much time on my hair, so I didn't really care about the ringlets and tendrils framing my forehead.

10minutes later, got to Central Station, learnt that the next tram would only be arriving in 15 minutes. Okay, that's a bit off-pissing.

By then, the wind had picked up to 30mph and was driving the rain (and a few unlucky brollies) horizontally past me. I had also decided to wear a skirt, because it actually wasn't that cold. Just wet and now... fucking windy.

By that stage, my hair had gone past mild tendrils to fully-certified gorgon status. Medusa's snakes lashed from my head, snapping acrimoniously at fellow commuters. Struggling to stay on one spot (eventually wedging myself against the tram shelter), I watched people trying to cycle in a straight line.

Crammed on to the tram, tried to pull my head-snakes back into something vaguely resembling a hairstyle, buffetted my way into the office looking flustered to say the least - and was greeted by a smiling co-worker... "You think this is bad? Wait for November!"


And in other news,

Someone promised free drinks if I linked this to my blog. Go on, take a look-see.
Fortunately, she didn't put a time frame on the free-drinks offer.... I prefer jagerbombs to tequila. Cheers, dahling!


Peaches said...

That Gorgon thing-majiggy has some seriously scary hair lady!


Champagne Heathen said...

They always told me it was January that was the kakkest month. But then I discovered skiing. I'd put up with all that bad weather for one swish on the slopes.

Enjoy the wind. Drink vodka like the Russians to survive it.

kop said...

Just go on a summer holiday back to SA, that's my plan!