Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Whether the weather...

It's that time of year.
I've been through this before.

The rage.
The frustration.

The Weather.

I gnaw on my lip on the ride into work, dreaming of how I want to throttle people for sitting close to me. Sniffing. Coughing. Talking on the phone. The all-time favourite... spitting. I want to push people in front of oncoming buses.

I actively fantasise about headbutting colleagues when they repeatedly share bad jokes. I got the punchline the first time. I gave you a gratuitous guffaw. Can we please move on now? I would also settle for grabbing them by the shoulders and screaming directly into their confused faces like a feral degenerate.

It's dark when I get up, it's dark when I come home. The sun doesn't come out in between - and if it does, it's only to dash behind the next cloud like a self-conscious streaker. When it's not lashing down with rain, then it's drizzling a thin mist of precipitation - just enough to settle on you eyebrows and frizz the hair.

Small things irritate me. More than usual.

A colleague who moans about his work load when he has just as much work as the rest of us, irritates me. Bad emails irritate me. Sow does not equal sew. Their and there are not interchangeable. The space bar is not an option to be used like a thumbtack in pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. People who've bought Christmas presents, irritate me.

Unhelpful customer service...

Me: "I need to book an appointment please."
CSR: "We don't do that here any more."
Me: "Oh? Since when?"
CSR: "Since yesterday."
Me: "Awesome. Who should I be speaking to then?"
CSR: "I don't know."
Me: "So they've changed the system and offered you no forwarding information."
CSR: "Yes. Anything else I can help you with?"
Me: "I think you've done enough for one day. Why don't you have a lie down."

...irritates me.

I'm not depressed, per se. Actually, I'm very happy (irritably happy). I like where we live, I like who we socialise with, I love my job and - aggresive fantasies aside - my colleagues. But I could really do with some Sunshine D - au naturel. Plus the TV's not working.

Okay, maybe this is all een beetje overdreven, but thinking about my upcoming time in South Africa consumes me. I'm already wondering how I'm going to deal with the weather when I get back after three weeks of heat and traces of sun.


Bof said...

Have you tried travelling to work in your Sigourney Weaver outfit and attachments? It may help with crowd control.

kop said...

i'm in the same boat koeks! i can't wait to get out of the northern hemisphere and onto a beach in SA! bring on the summer holiday!

Little Big Sis said...

Not shore if this will make you feel better, or worse...
It's gray outside and theirs a steady downflow of rain the whole day!

Koekie said...

Thanks lil big sis - you maid my day :-)

Little Big Sis said...

Ha Ha Ha, your spelling of maid...
We went to an Afrikaans Bachelorette Party 2 weeks ago. The 3 bridesmaids had pink T-shirts printed with the word "Bridesmade" on them, and no-one even noticed!