Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bag lady

The other day, I was going through my handbag, frantically searching for my minty Body Shop lip balm (shimmery, but not glittery, because that's a different lip balm, also somewhere in the bag). Of course, my lip stuff had all filtered down to the bottom, so I was forced to do a inventory check on my lap...

This is what I pulled out of my bag:

My wallet
My camera phone
My camera
Mills's camera
Two pens
One pair of shoes
One scarf
A book
A box of headache tablets
A box of muscle relaxants/cramp tablets
Two plasters
A handful of tampoons
Mouth ulcer cream
Foot blister plasters
Make up travel kit
One stack of chewing gum
(one chewed gum in a used tissue, yes... disgusting)
One box of chewy sweets
One comb
A multitude of hairbands and hairclips
Two lipsticks (different colours for different purposes)
One lipstick/lipbalm (depends which end of the stick you're using)
One lipice
Two glitter lipbalms (one for night, one for day wear)
One tub of Zambuk
One tub of vaseline
A packet of tissues
One tube of handcream
Business card holder
A travel guide of Paris
My house keys
Mills's house keys

...But no minty shimmery Body Shop lipbalm. Damn, I must've left that in my other hand bag.

The really scary thing is that, apart from the cameras and Paris travelguide, it wasn't actually that different from my daily handbag contents. My day-to-day inventory generally includes a change of shoes (heels vs flat, open vs closed toes... you just never know) and a scarf (cos you never know when that North Sea wind is going to kick up). My daily handbag will also most likely include a 'brat pack' - some biscuits or a snackbar to keep the irritable nibbles at bay.

And my handbag isn't even that big.


Anonymous said...

And the vaseline would be for??
Puma Tannie

Koekie said...

Vaseline is wonderful as a intensive moisturising lip balm. Also good as eye cream if your eyes are feeling tired and dry. And cheap too.

You heard it here first.. Bargain, bargain buy! (but I'm not talking Hypermarket Jumbo size vaseline, just a little tub will do)

Eileen said...

Juslaik! Almost as bad as my bag. Pretty much the same contents, except for the spare shoes. But I'll see you and I'll raise you with a whole set of screwdrivers, 5 different lipsticks ('cause you never know which personality you'll be on the day) and prescribed anti-depressants. Been an avid reader of your blog for some time now, but this is the first time I've plucked up the courage to comment. Now that hurdle is flattened, hopefully won't be the last.

Koekie said...

Eileen, welcome! I'm so glad that the contents of my handbag got you to step up to the microphone :-) Hmmm... screwdrivers. Really? Do you find they come in handy often?

Eileen said...

Ahem, thanks for the fanfare:-)
Actually, I find my nail file works just as well in most cases. Have actually used them quite often so it's not just keeping up appearances. Between husband and 16 yr old son, I'm doomed to exist in a handyman's world. Not that I'm complaining, beats the hell out of belonging to the knitting committee;o)