Sunday, September 28, 2008


I don't like birds, especially not the vicious pigeons and seagulls that hover malevolently over you when you're trying to enjoy a quiet bakje of patat. But if I did have to pick a favourite, it would be coots.

Yes. Coots.

a) Their massive feet are comical.
b) Their fishing style depends largely on bouyancy. From a floating position, they propel themselves down under the water only to then bob to the surface like a balloon released from a weight, complete with 'bloop' noise as they break the surface. It amuses me.

I saw two having a mating/territorial fight the other day. There was squawking and pecking and flapping of watery wings. Other coots were swimming in and squawking at the same time, as if egging the culprits on. If I could speak Coot (and I've watched them enough to think that I can), they would've been saying, "fight! fight! fight!"

Coots are funny.

In other news, I got a new blender from my folks. Mills and I have been experimenting with all sorts of smoothie concoctions. Great fun all round. I am being ESPECIALLY careful around the blades, considering the fact that I recently lost the skin off my top knuckle in an unfortunate grat(er)ing incident. It was pretty... there were pieces of gore caught in the grid. Naaaice.


Anonymous said...

You are one very strange Twisted "Coot" Suster!

Susan said...

Just love your previous note about the wedding and the visit of your folks! Did they tell you that we stayed in "Coot Cottage" at bottom of Sani Pass in early August?