Wednesday, December 03, 2008


After many viewings, much negotiation and frustration, we have finally found a new flat in The Hague. It's little (most places in the city are), but it's liveable. We have the keys, but not before paying a whopping 2500 euros. In the Netherlands, if you rent a place through a real estate agent you, the lessee, have to pay the commission - standard one month rent. Plus the month deposit and first month up front. Ouch.

But we have the keys. Woo hoo! It's on a trendy street, with many restaurants and boutiquets and conventiently directly across from our local pub. Hmmm... I have already informed Mills's mates (yes they are HIS mates in this case), that they will not be crashing at our place after O'Caseys closes every Saturday. Forget about it.

Now for the painting - although the landlord pays for the paint, we have to paint the place ourselves (or arrange for someone else to do it). No cardboard signs attached to lamp posts with "Peter the Painter" and a cell number scrawled across it.... Sometimes, I miss cheap labour.

Once the paint work is done we can move in. It's going to be interesting to see how and where we are going to fit everything in. I think we might end up looking like an eccentric second-hand furniture store, but Mills reckons that I am just being my usual paranoid self. We'll see...

But WOOHOO! We have a new flat.


Anonymous said...

Well done and good luck in your new home! Hope the ablution facilities are in an appropriate place - like the bathroom!! MP Tannie

kop said...

more importantly, does it have a spare room for your guests?!

Koekie said...

MP Tannie - no only are they in the right place, but we have a his and hers toilet (that's right... one each!) and a bath. Awesome!

Kop - negative. But we are directly opposite a fantastic Irish sports pub, so I don't think we'll need a spare room when you're here.