Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fleshy fashion

I managed to wangle an invite to a factory warehouse sale.. it was awesome. I got two pairs of (Brazilian leather) shoes, one handbag, one pair of leather gloves (a must in these winters), one top, a bracelet, a ring and two sets of cufflinks (I had to come home with something from Mills)... all for 52 euros. That's R670 of brandwear folks. Awesome, I tell you. Awesome.

It was also another learning experience in Dutch culture. Being a warehouse, there weren't many facilities, and there certainly weren't any changerooms. I'm not a fan of wating in lines for a changeroom anyway, so I try on things as discreetly as possible, when possible. Discretion is not in the Dutch vocab. Literally. If you find a set of jeanpants that you want to try on, and you're in the middle of a warehouse, you just drop your pants and try them on. No shame, no worries.

Same applies to shirts. One lady browsed in the middle of the hall by the cashiers, completely topless (bra only), without any rush to re-clothe after unsuccessfully trying on one top.

I was there with a Scottish friend and a Dutch friend. The Scot and I thought this was hysterical and giggled like school girls at the sight of all these undies (male and female unlike). The Dutchie couldn't understand the fuss. Her argument: you walk around the beach in a bikini, right?

Our response: Yes, but this isn't a beach. It's just different.

Flesh is a complete non-issue with Dutch people. After almost two years, I'm still not used to it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my shattered nerves Koekie!!!! - The lesser spotted Peach :)

kop said...

Spoken like a true conservative South African!