Monday, November 10, 2008

Mama Afrika

A series of events lead to me joining NCF for a concert on Friday. NCF received a set of tickets from her new hubby, which he was unfortunately unable to attend. I was invited to accompany her on that evening. I couldn't believe my luck and delightedly accepted.

So, off we pottered to watch what turned out to be Miriam Makeba's final public appearance. She performed at the Paridiso in Amsterdam, an entertaining and charismatic singer to the last. I didn't expect to be as emotional as I was when she hobbled, bare-foot, onto the stage. Hell, I can only hope to be 76 and still shaking ass (literally) like she did on Friday. I think she has earned her rest.

The only indication she gave that she might be slowing down, was when she closed the show and mentioned that her "sons" (the men accompanying her on stage), would still remain the Miriam Makeba band... with or without her.

I can't believe she's passed away. What a character on stage. Of course her songs will live on, with her sons and others, but I doubt that anyone else will every manage to capture her energy, her voice and most uniquely, her endearing facial expressions during heart-felt performances.

Hamba kahle, Mama Afrika.

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Lauren said...

wow chicken - what a priveledge you had to see her!!!! incredible woman - RIP!