Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New horizons

Mills and I are looking for a new apartment.

We recently made the huge decision to stay in the Netherlands for a while longer. This is a full 180 from going home on Mills's expat contract.

As of December 5th, we will no longer be expats. We will be gewone internationals living in the Netherlands. Mills has handed in his notice and as of December will be unemployed. I have extended my contract as recruitment consultant. Our beautiful flat will no longer be ours to call home as this was a lovely expat perk.

Welcome back to the Real World, here's a full cream pie in your face.

So we are looking for a new apartment - one that we can afford.

We've seen a number of places. Some are great - and too expensive. Others are nice-ish, affordable-ish and pretty blah. Some are just plain weird.

Like the one with a shower room. Room, with shower head and faucets. Oh and a connection for the washing machine. No towel rails, or water retainers. At least you can watch your washing while you shower, although I don't know how happy I would be showering with electrical appliances.

Another one had the toilet outside of the apartment. Not a shared facility, but the toilet is in the entrance landing, while the rest of the flat is behind the front door. On the upside, this situation would probably help eliminate any trailing... odours.

A personal favourite was the shower cabin in the kitchen. Kitchen plus clear perspex shower. Very... interactive. I think the scariest thing is that Cloggies don't seem to find this set up weird. A shower in your kitchen is apparently normal.

By-passing the comical kitchen/shower situation if you have guests staying over, the bathroom basin was in the lounge cupboard. Odd? All things considered, I think it was actually the large playground outside the terrace that really killed that option for me.

The search continues.


Anonymous said...

Considering they find our obsession with cleanliness a bit odd, we should accommodate their restriceted ablution facilities as "normal". I found their lack of bathroom conveniences the most difficult to adjust to... Good luck with the house hunting. I am sure you will find a special plekkie to call home soon, in time for Sinterklaas and Christmas! Lotsa luv, Wicked witch of the North

Anonymous said...

They obviously don't need to go to the loo as frequently as we do - hence the term "cloggies"