Friday, January 22, 2010

Zulu Warriors

Do you remember the South African song we learnt as kids? That little camp fire round that had no reason, just rhythm..?
Izika zumba zumba zumba
Izika zumba zumba zay
Izika zumba zumba zumba
Izika zumba zumba zay

Hold him dooooooown, you Zulu warrior
Hold him down, you Zulu chief (chief, chief, chief)
Repeat... Repeatedly.

I don't know the correct lyrics and couldn't find anything official on the web, so it's guaranteed that my phonetic spelling is probably way off from what the actual Zulu words should be. Also bear in mind that I learnt this song, as a whitey at Brownie camp (yes. Brownies. Feel free to point and laugh now), while growing up under the wagging finger of PW Botha and his predecessors. Probably not the best starting point for learning non-European ditties.

Based on what little remains of my high school Zulu knowledge, I think the lyrics should probably be something closer to "asika mzimba", which would mean "he/she/it/they cut the body". I think. Which is what a bunch of Zulu warriors would likely do to someone/thing/it they are holding down. In theory.

Is there a point to this blog? Not really. It's more a semi-educational sojourn down memory lane for anyone who grew up in SA.

What I really wanted to do is get that song in your head(s), just like I've had it for the last 36 hours.

Mwaahahahahaha.... [phonetic attempt at evil maniacal laughter].

Did it work?


fuzzy logic said...

Arrgh, yes you have! Evil! Think I might've learnt it at Brownies too. Or my brothers' cubs - yep a whole family of nerds.

Koekie said...

Yeah, a fellow Badel Powell dork! Time well spent learning important life lessons, like how to sew a badge onto a blanket and how to make crunchies (and brownies). Essential skills. That I never use.

Eileen said...

I'll see you and I'll raise you!

"Aggh Daddy, please won't you take us to the draaive in....
all six seven of us, eight, nine ten....."

rd said...

BadeN Powell.
"Always be prepared" to have your facts corrected

Koekie said...

Baden-shmaden... wo'eva.

Eileen - another classic! Nice one :-)

Catalyst said...

You know, a Boy Scout only graduates after he's had his first Brownie... Who knew diet played such an important role?!