Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Have you heard about Sealand, formerly known as Roughs Tower? "The population of the facility rarely exceeds ten, and its inhabitable area is 550m2…" Why didn’t my parents bother to fight off the squatters and lay claim to their own coastal principality?
Roy and Joan Bates have been referred to internally since the foundation of Sealand as "Their Royal Highnesses Prince Roy and Princess Joan of Sealand"… Their son is known as "His Royal Highness Prince Michael". Michael Bates has been referred to as the "Prince Regent" since 1999. In this role he apparently serves as Sealand's acting "Head of State" and also its "Head of Government".
“…Have been referred to internally…” i.e. By themselves. They have their own stamps and coins. They even have sporting representation:
For the past two seasons, Sealand have been represented on the World Mini-golf Tour by Anthony Pope and Peter Emmerson who finished 23rd and 15th respectively in the 2006 World Crazy Golf Championships held in Hastings, United Kingdom.

The Sealand national football team is represented by the Danish team Vestbjerg Vintage Idraetsforening. In 2003, Christian Olsen received a letter by the personal secretary of Prince Regent Michael Bates, who appointed the football team to represent the Principality of Sealand.
The gall! This guy declares himself prince of a non-existent country and then approaches one of the most established nations to inform a local team that they are blessed with the privilege of representing his family internationally. I love it!

Although, every time I read the surname Bates, I think of poor confused Norman in Psycho. To be honest, I don’t think these guys are tipping the scales towards sanity either.

And now the principality is up for sale – for a mere ₤65,000,000!

ps. on another note entirely, I just received this email at work: "FW: Hanlie Koekemoer's Koekie News".

Maybe I should start a newsletter to compete? "This week, in Koekie's Corner, we discuss the feasibility of declaring your piece of land a sovereign state..."


Peas on Toast said...

Helloooo the koekmeister!

POpping in to read your entire blog (or the last 8 entries anyway) and ctach up on everything. Sorry to hear about the cars and stuff, vute about the aeroplane and Dutch guidebook. Bless.

Hope all is well in Koekieland (I'm sure you're not planning to sell yours)

Koekie said...

Hi Peas! That's a serious catch up read... I've been at work most of the time so there has been much blogging/ranting/rambling over the Festive season.

All is good in Koekieville, besides the fact that people still refuse to call me Princess Koekie. And where did I put my bloody tiara...?

Peaches said...

Princess Koeks! Love it!

kop said...

Your bloody tiara is still in my lounge from your farewell party last year! you can come and get it anytime!

Koekie said...

Dude, surely you must know that I've got a tiara in every country?