Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The first post for 2007 was going to be my disgust regarding the publicised, trivialised and sensationalised hanging of Saddam Hussein. I predict this year's best seller to be "How to turn your enemies into martyrs: For Dummies" By George W. Bush.

I think news24.com sums it up nicely. 'Nuf said.

Then I heard about Fattie getting stuck in the Cango Caves. Never mind the fact that someone should have pointed out that she was probably going to be too large to get through the tour, how about a sense of self-awareness??

"Hmm, I am obsese. I am not as agile as the nubile youth next to me. It is unlikely, that in the event of the tunnel narrowing, I will be able to turn around and retreat. Maybe this is not such a good idea..."

Now, thanks to Fattie, a part of one of our natural wonders had to be CUT AWAY FROM THE WOMAN because she couldn't put down the last piece of turkey pie. How embarrassing.

I apologise for this rant. Everyone has their predujices. I am a weight-ist.

...Or maybe it's just because my New Year's weekend was a disaster. Stay tuned for more.

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