Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Frolicking around Europe

Oh my shattered poepstring, the game on Saturday nearly ended my heart. We did not drive to France just to watch SA lose to Tonga! On the upside, we were sitting in the chicken run seats in the corner of the tryline, just where Bobby Skinstad went over in spectacular fashion in the second half. This meant that we missed Steyn's punch up on the other side of the field - as apparently, did every TV cameraman. Did he bite Faka? I wonder. Of course, when Mah BOY Bryan was warming up in the same corner, right under our seats, I was in the queue for the toilet. Of course.

In other news, Mills managed to book us into the same hotel as the Tongan team, which was really cool. They're a charismatic bunch - even though they treated us to knowing nods and smiles when we crawled in (in full SA regalia) after the game... saying with out saying it... "we almost ended your team." I got my picture taken with the man of the match, Finau Maka. We cornered the poor bugger while he was requesting ice for a his black eye - I'm sure he was thrilled to be accosted by an enthusiastic South African, a Dane and an American (Mills hung behind, trying to pretend he wasn't with us). In the picture, I'm the one looking intimidated by the size of his biceps, and his hair. I know a good 'fro when I see one, bro.

Speaking of Bro... there were obviously lots of drunk SA fans on the town that evening. What a mess - mildly embarrassing when one dude from Centurian did the nation proud by drooling on our Texan acquaintance and having the following conversation with the Dane:

Dribbles: "ssshoooo... wheres you all from?"
Dane: "Denmark."
Dribbles: "wait... don tell me. Yous from Ireland."
Dane: "Nope. I'm still from Denmark."
Pause as Dribbles tries to absorb the information, drools a bit more. Conversation continues without him. Five minutes later...
Dribbles: "ssshoo where you from?"
Dane: "I'm sticking with Denmark."

Go SA.
Now... Barthelona:

Very cool city - awesome architecture. Can't say I knew much about this Gaudi dude before our arrival, but I'm sure he had real special recreational drugs at his parties. Enough sightseeing, here's something that you won't find on a walking tour:

The Catalonians have a tradition at Christmas. They like to hide a little Caganer character in amongst the shepherds, the angels and the three wise men. What's a Caganer, I hear you question? It's a figurine of a Crapper. A person taking a poo. The reason for this tradition is a little hazy.

You think I'm making this up? Read here. Suddenly, South Park's character "Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo" makes some sort of sense.

Finally: birds. Uncontrollable, all around the world.

And that's my life over the last two weeks. My job here is done. Now I need to download the 400-odd pictures onto facebook... Next on the list of priorities: get the Dutch computer working so I don't have to use Mills's laptop any more.

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Bof said...

were all your friends from Ireland, or just that one guy, Dane?