Thursday, September 27, 2007

The pros and cons of cycling

(I wanted to call it the ups and downs, but being in the Netherlands it would be more the flats and flats)

Pro: You get from A-B faster than walking (and public transport).
Con: I equal the time out by getting tangled in my locking mechanism.

Pro: It's a good way to warm up for hockey/football.
Con: It sucks to cycle home afterwards.

Pro: You can point and laugh at the suckers stuck in traffic as you sail past.
Con: The suckers stuck in traffic can point and laugh at you when it suddenly starts to rain.

Pro: It's safe. Bicycle paths and dedicated traffic lights mean you don't need to dodge cars.
Con: It still gets confusing as to which side of the road I should be on.

Pro: Drivers are assumed liable if a cyclist gets hit. No matter what the circumstances.
Con: Regardless of who'll be paying the medical fees, if you get hit by a car it's guaranteed that the vehicle won't be the one taken off in an ambulance.

Pro: Lots of fresh air gets the brain into gear on the way to work.
Con: Lots of fresh air usually comes in the form of very strong gusty wind. (Also, some bugger in a van insists on spritzing his windscreen wipers down the same stretch of road, at the same time every morning - resulting in a face full of watery cleaning agent for me. Fortunately I don't cycle with my mouth open any more. It used to be very unpleasant.)

Pro: I can cycle with my phone/mp3 player on.
Con: I still can't cycle while holding an umbrella.

Pro: My sixth/seventh hand bike is still considered 'new-ish'.
Con: Parts of it are held together (literally) by cellotape.

Um... that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there'll be more. Actually haven't been able to do much cycling lately, what the lashing winds, heavy rain and wintry temperatures.

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