Monday, October 01, 2007

Fish brain

Gawd, here she goes again... ranting about her pets. But at least they're not cats. And just look at the damn thing. It's wedged itself under the frekking filter. Freakin' Freaky.

Here's another shot, just to show that Deaky is still okay with the idea of sustainable biology. Fins up, butt facing downwards. Good job.

You think he's dying right? (And yes, it's a 'he'. Freaky is a hypochondriac. He gets man-/fish-flu).

But don't jump to conclusions. Freaky wedges himself under the filter, chills there for a bit, checks me out with one eye, then rights himself and swims around casually like nature intended - see below:

Speaking of fishbrains, SSAK's latest pearler: "I think I'm going to change jobs. I want to do marketing, or teaching, or event organising." I asked SSAK if she had any experience and/or education that pointed in the direction of any of the above, already knowing the answer. "Do you need to study for marketing?" was the confused reply.

This woman frustrates me. Granted, you don't need to study for any of the above but you do a) have to work your way up (she's not prepared to look at entry level jobs, she wants more pay for less experience. Klopt, ja?) and b) you'd have to show a certain level of aptitude, which I can assure you, she cannot spell.

And teaching? Dear god, please don't let her loose on a history class. Especially not South African history.

Ps. Don't believe what they tell you at the Oceanarium... fish love getting the glass of their tanks tapped and having their pics taken with flash photography. They thrive on the attention.


kop said...

Looks like I'm having sushi when i come over!

Don't believe a word I write said...

Loving those fish. Have a friend who had to donate hers to a mate when she left the country. He renamed them Saddam and Osama. They get on like a building on fire.