Monday, October 29, 2007

News Flash

It's the spray cans that are causing it... it's the cars that are emitting it... it's our every day activity. The polar caps are melting and we're to blame.

News flash. Global warming is not a new thing. In fact, it's happened more than once before - and not because Dino was too liberal with the spray-on deo. I'm not being a conspiratorial freak, I'm sure our activities have something (okay, maybe a lot) to do with the rapid temperature change, but please can we all take a deep breath and realise that this has happened before?

I'm sick of hearing about it, bored of dinner talk about it. Option A: the human population will be wiped out and will be added to the long list of extinct animals. Option B: The more likely one, I think - we'll adapt. In the event of a nuclear fallout, it'll be us and the cockroaches. Humans have already adapted to just about every climate around the world - from really cold, to really swampy, to really toasty. We are the cockroaches of our world. What an honour.

One day, the sun (being a star and all) might go supernova on our asses and swallow the earth. Let's all have a fat panic about that and get it out of systems now. And... GO.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Global warming? The world must be in very dire straits to award a Nobel Peace prize to a supreme dumb ass named Al Gore!! Maybe all the BS emitted from his mouth is contributing to the problem :-)
Certainly doesn't have any answers for previous climate changes over the millennia. Ah, well, let's just enjoy what we can .. forget the loonies.