Sunday, September 09, 2007

Princess day

For those who didn't get the memo (and are subsequently OFF the Christmas card list), last Thursday was my birthday - or Princess Day, as I prefer to call it.

I must say, turning 21 gets better every time I do it. Mills earned massive brownie points by paying attention and getting me the camera that I've been subtly hinting at ("see that one in the window... that one.. the Nikon D40... I want that camera... the Nikon D40. Are you writing this down?"). I honestly didn't expect to actually get it for my birthday, some money towards its purchase would've been nice - but receiving it on the day was even better!

At work, my work desk looked like a festive hazard zone, with birthday decorations, coloured chevron tape and balloons covering every square inch of work space. I got a huge bunch of flowers (complete with proteas - nice touch); a selection of Mama Africa curry and spices (because as much as the Dutch ran the spice trade, they certainly forgot to add any to their cuisine); and a BEEG bottle of Amarula.

How much more attention can a girl get on her fifth 21st birthday? Oh yes, and then Mills's parents arrived for a visit, bearing more gifts from my family, and took us out for celebratory supper.

Full princess treatment. No tiaras though - which is always disappointing.

Sorry about the lack of regular posting. I'm too busy being busy - and waiting for a new computer that actually works. What a novel idea.

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Peaches said...

The tiara is in the post lady!!