Monday, November 26, 2007

Small things

You know what they say about small things...
  • My musical toothbrush. Whoever thought of putting Queen to dental hygiene... genius.
  • Over the last few days of nullifying TV viewing, I've seen expert witness from a Jeff Mountain, of the New Zealand Institute of Geology; and another from Mark Childs, arguing for more local children's programming in Britain. Nominative determination always makes me laugh.
  • There was also the scintillating interview with Britain's Bingo Caller of the Year. Apparently selected for his outstanding personality - which does not translate well on TV. I've seen brickwalls change facial expression with more enthusiasm. Still, amusing for the content.

I've also learnt that creme fraiche is not the same thing as cooking cream. Similar to the lesson learnt that waxpaper is not the same as Gladwrap (although the latter incident resulted in a screaming fire alarm and a severely charred butternut).

Back to work tomorrow, I can't handle any more day time BBC interviews.


Bof said...

Blowing your nose must have been quite a highlight then?

g-pool said...

Once again I enjoy the expansion of my vocabulary through the reading of your blogg. So speaking of 'Nominative determination' I found it quite amusing that at one stage South Africa's top female rower was Colleen Oarsman (I mean, really, what are the chances!)

Koekie said...

haha - Gpool, that's great! I also enjoyed Mr Baths who works with Rand Water - he was always being interviewed on the radio. But a rowing Oarsman definitely wins.