Thursday, February 14, 2008

How many can you take?

Right, drama aside (and no further updates on the crazy neighbour status)... I'd like to wish all and sundry a belated commercially-decided-upon-day-of-soppiness.

The Special South African Kid was very upset that nobody else wore red in honour of the day. The truth is that everybody else in the office forgot. I got an e-card from Mills (above), after he called me an elephant, or a hippo, or something similarly endearing.

This evening, we dodged the lovey-dovey couples on shopping evening in order to search for the elusive shoes to match the dress this weekend, or find a dress suit for Mills (who's just realised he only has a tux jacket, no pants). When there is only one evening a week that offers night time shopping hours, and very few department stores, AND it's Valentines bloody Day, the shops are packed. Ergo, I had little tolerance when the 5-year-old decided to stop at the top of the escalator, with both hands running on the handrail on either side. For this reason, said snottie got walked over. I blame his granny for waiting proudly while the child explored the wonders of moving stairs with his bare hands, instead of removing him from a public walkway.

I backed my chances with the kid, because I had just completed this test:


So I knew I would win against one.


Anonymous said...

So, the question is: DID YOU GET SOME SHOES???

Anonymous said...

You are weird!

Koekie said...

Ah, Anon... cut straight to the chase. I like it.

Yes, I did get some shoes, but not as a result of my actual shopping. Instead, I have abused the talents of my boyfriend's sister, who purchased a pair in London according to my specifications. Whether they fit or not will be determined this weekend...

kop said...

so you could take on a whole primary school class - nice!

Anonymous said...

So maybe I'm strange for wanting to try the "how many kids could you beat up" test, but I answered all the questions and never got a result!

Hope you had a great party, managed to breathe all the way through, while not tripping over your possibly sore feet from the new shoes :-)

Catalyst said...

Twenty-five little hellions? Hmmm, in theory perhaps, but I dunno. The little buggers are sneaky and I've seen Rosebank pigeons freak you out.

I'll reserve judgement up until the day Naledi Pandor announces Kinder Kage Karnage to help support SA's flagging education system. (Caged fights pitting you against hordes of kids. They may or may not have had their shivs, knives and blades confiscated... Can you feel the suspense already?).

Well, my Valentines comprised me sitting on the couch. Alone. In the dark. Hungry. Cold. With some red wine and a nasty attitude.