Monday, February 11, 2008

Talking point

She was a pretty American girl, who disappeared one night without a trace.
He's the well-off son of a Dutch diplomat.
And he finally admitted to dumping her body in the ocean three years ago, off the coast of Aruba.

THIS is what the whole of the Netherlands is talking about at the moment. Investigative journalist, Peter de Vries, known for his criminal dogwork, finally managed to set Joran up and capture a confession about how he dumped Natalee's lifeless body into the sea in 2005 ("the ocean is a big place, they'll never find anything") without even checking if she was actually dead. It has been an established that Natalee and her friends had been drinking and snorting cocaine - a fact that Natalee's family tried to initially suppress, because it might sully their good daughter's name, of course.

For a time line on the events, click here (and then click on the red dots or the arrows, it took me a while to figure out).

Over half of the Netherlands population watched Peter de Vries's expose on Joran's confession, which aired last week. Maybe he didn't actually kill her, but surely when your 'friend' goes into convulsions and then lies still, you call 911 - not someone who has access to a boat at the wee-hours of the morning... but hey.

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