Tuesday, February 12, 2008


On Friday, I went to the dentist. I'm sure you'll be relieved to know that it all went smoothly and I still have no cavities to be filled (never had one... so to me, a filling is a big, scary deal). While staring at my tandart's ceiling(and drooling all over her gloves), I wondered what leads someone to choose a profession where they spend all day sticking their hands into smelly stranger's mouths. Yuck.

Back at work today, the boss was ecstatic to point out that they have finally replaced the kitchen light fitting. It's plastic, and only cost 4 euros, so easier to replace than the glass one that I smashed last year... so she told me. She also recounted the quip from her 5-year-old when she brought the new purchase home.

"It's plastic, so it's unbreakable," she told the blonde snottie. "Does that mean that it's un-Koekie-able too?" asked the wise cracking peanut. She found that hilarious and recounted it a few times to my colleagues. Nothing like being the brunt of a preschooler's joke.


In other news, Mills and I are going to his brother's 30th birthday bash this weekend. We're going to a formal masked-ball affair. I cannot wait. I've already got my outfit selected (purchased from Edgars while in SA). Unfortunately the corset-type top is just a wee-bit on the tight side. This was not a problem, cos I figured I'd just eat healthily for a week before the event...

That resolution lasted for one day. Yesterday.

I've just finished the hot chocolate and the choc-chip icecream. I'm that weak. No self-control. On the upside, I could never be anorexic.

It's okay... I can still fit into the dress, all I have to do is give up breathing for the evening of the function.

Totally worth it though - stunning dress. Pity I can't find shoes to match.


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