Wednesday, July 02, 2008


On Monday afternoon (shortly before I set off to purposefully crash into some dipshit's back wheel), I watched a tram run over a car. The tram was turning the corner, very diligently following the tram tracks, when a 4x4 tried to squeeze through the inside gap. The car lost.

This was shortly after another car drove into a different tram at the same intersection, going in a different direction. Two in one day.

This morning, yet another tram on different tracks on the SAME intersection hit a car trying to get across the road. This is the intersection that we can see from our office. Front row seats if you will. I keep a bucket of popcorn just for these occassions.

I've seen bikes hit by cars, bikes hit (and swallowed underneath) by trams, cars hit by cars, cars hit by trams. I've also watched a tram being craned back onto the tracks, after being knocked off the rails by a car. That was a goodie.
This afternoon, a car hit a scooter. More squealing of tyres, thud, shouting, sirens.

That's three calls to the police in the last 48 hours. Three times the same intersection was chevron-taped off. And they do love to cordon things off here... I think monthly policing targets are based per metre of chevron tape used.

This intersection is just ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you wheel your "bicycle pratt" from the other day out there on a really busy afternoon?

Don't believe a word I write said...

I wish I had your view. It reminds me of when I worked in the Joburg CBD. At least once a week for 1.2 years, there was a prang at the corner of Anderson and Sauer streets. No bicycles or trams involved, mind you. Take pictures!

kop said...

Like DBAWIW says, set up a webcam and link it to your blog. Spread the laughter to everyone!

Koekie said...

The irony is that I have a webcam, but cannot get the f-ing thing to work.