Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Crazy Dame Olga almost killed our fish. Literally. We got back to an overwhelming stench in our apartment and found Deaky trying to wade his way through his revolting brown water (filter properly clogged). Closer inspection showed a finger-think layer of fishfood at the bottom of the bowl. Understandably, Deaky showed great signs of distress as his scales were covered in a grey film and the veins in his nose had burst, developing into an angry red.

Not pretty.

Crazy Dame Olga had been politely asked to feed the fish ONCE in our absence. During this conversation, Crazy Dame Olga lectured me on how cruel we were to our pet because it is very unhappy and lonely and we should provide it with a bigger aquarium, play-things and more stimulation. I nodded patronisingly and ignored her. Crazy woman.

Apparently a fan of Killing Them with Love, she emptied the entire fish food container into the tank, blessing our poor, under-stimulated and lonely fish with food poisoning. She damn near killed our fish in 10 days - something I haven't been able to do in over a year. Hmmm, actually this might have a lot to say about why her children never come to visit her.

After a change of water and spending a few days in fishie quarantine, Deaky seems on the path to recovery as the grey film is lessening and the burst veins are less aggressive. Poor bugger.

In other news, the trip to the US was okay. Not much to talk about really.

...just kidding.

More to follow. All in good time.... All in good time...

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Anonymous said...

I am assuming you don't eat fish? If you do, Dame Olga might not be the only crazy one!