Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Last night, Mills and I were going through our joint budget (which he INSISTS that I should be in charge of, because I HAVE to learn how to budget. Pah.)

But, amazingly, the budgets and the bank balances do not... balance. So Mills was doing some reconciliation. He quickly learnt why the excel spreadsheet and the bank accounts don't match...

Mills: "You really are amazing at this. You've broken all my formulas."
Me: "Yes."
Mills: "How do you do it? All you have to do is fill in a number!"
Me: "It's a talent."

This evening, I asked Mills if I could use his computer. He trustingly allowed me control of the keyboard. Shortly after...

Me: "Miiiiiills.... it won't let me log on."
Exasperated boyfriend: "How do you do it, Koekie? How... do... you... do... it."

Right, must dash. I'm off to break something else.

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