Thursday, August 02, 2007


I found a shoe sale this evening. €5 for every pair of shoes in the shop. The catch was that you had to FIND a matching pair. There were shoes in big tubs everywhere. No categorisation of sizes, colours, styles... nothing. Boots, sandals, slops, moccasins all in one messy barrel. If you can find a pair, you can have them.

It was proving to be a popular concept, dominated by frenzied women throwing discarded shoes over their shoulders like spilt salt. One lucky boy had been dragged into the middle of this mess. His girlfriend had located one shoe that she liked and was now scouring the shop for the other. He was assigned the impossible task of Cinderella's prince: find the set.

She was looking for a white, opened-toed shoe. I watched as she gave him specific instructions on the specimen... Left foot. Medium heel. Size 39.

He couldn't understand why she wasn't interested in what he thought were perfect matches:

"No... that's got an ankle strap. Can you see how this one only sits around the heel? Not the same."

"No. That one has a platform heel."



"No. That's cream, not white."


"Are you kidding?"

Poor bugger was doomed from the start. I eventually lost interest in that shop and went to a normal store where they sell shoes in matching sets - although it did cost me more money for the service.

ps. Freaky is pooing peas and doing much better. Swimming upright and all. Good sign.


Ross said...

If the one shoe fits on the left foot and the other shoe fits on the right foot.. its a matching pair!

End of story

kop said...

no wiser words have been said!

Bof said...

I'm more concerend about Freaky. Is his poo runny or solid? How often does he poo? Does he wake you in the night with his crying? Is Trent helping you with the 05:00 feeds? Does Trent wake in the night with his crying? It's all very stressful on a working couple, you know!

ChewTheCud said...

Lol - I would find the other shoe and offer to sell it to her, for 5 euros ;)