Monday, August 11, 2008

Orania and lemons

First, Let's talk nutrition. You know you're supposed to eat five fruit and veg a day? You do, right. It's common knowledge, except maybe for the fat kids in the US. It's not their fault, they can't hear advice over the desperate beating of their labouring hearts.

Everyone knows it, but not everyone does it. I don't, but I know I should. Do colourful jelly beans count? They're raspberry and spring onion flavoured. Or something.

Anywho, it's not common knowledge in the Netherlands. In fact, they've only recently started campaigns to get cloggies eating any fruit and veg at all (no, patat does NOT count. Neither does mayo).

The nutritional authorities have started off slowly... easing the nation into the idea of two fruit a day. Just a gentle two. Don't want to shock the system too much. Broodje, kroket, patat met saus remain the staple diet, but you should be getting your two "stukjes" fruit as well, mmmkay.

An overweight colleague was recently advised by a personal nutritionist that she should eat five a day. "FIVE!" she exclaimed, stretching her fingers in front of my face to demonstrate exactly how insane her consultant was. "Not two... but five stukje every day!"

Yes, that's what the rest of the health-conscious world has been told to aim for. For quite a while now. Just FYI.

Anywho, it's not that the cloggies really need it. They may be a big nation by build, but they are not particularly overweight. It's all the cycling in strong wind and rain. They can eat patat and crap like that because they burn it off on the way home. Bastardos.


In other news, lookie what I found...

That's right kids, it's a monument to me: The Twisted Koeksuster.

At this stage, I would like to take a moment to thank my parents, my friends, the ballerinas and of course my long-suffering boyfriend, without all of whom I would never have had the courage to start the bold course of blogging about my extremely exciting day-to-day life.

Unfortunately, I couldn't be there for the unveiling... as it happened five years ago, and in Orania. What a pity.

A monument to the lekker twisted treat. Novel.

This pic lead me to the Orania website... Interesting. And mildly amusing.

"Orania is not an impulse, but a reply is a weakness and strength at the same time. A weakness because people tend to react more easily and quickly on impulse, even if it means jumping from the frying pan into the fire. A strength because a well thought-out answer stands the test of time much better and proves its value over a period of time.

But what is the question to which Orania wants to be the answer? To know this, is to know why Orania continues to grow, albeit slowly... For that reason different perspectives are offered around the questions the Afrikaner is facing. By rejecting some [blacks - Ed] and accepting others [whites- Ed], it also clearly indicates what kind of answer Orania wants to be."

What the fuck does that all mean? It's very profound. Maybe if I joined the Kaalvoet Woman's Group (ligit name for the active women's organisation in Orania. Their best known effort? Their omage to me, I mean twisted koeksisters), I would have a better understanding.

Maybe I'm being unfair. I don't know these gentle folk (with an "extensive display of firearms" in their local museum), so I shouldn't pass judgment. But I'm still gonna. Cos I think it's funny. Sorry, but those home schooled kids stand the same chance of sanity as Josef Fritzl's inbred lot (maybe less, cos Fritzl's kids have seen the light. Literally).

I think they have a nice website though, for what that counts.


Astrid Stark said...

What lovely koeksister we have in this country! Love your blog. Keep em rollin' sista.

Lauren said...

too funny koeks!!!!

Lopz said...

Aaaah, Orania - the stain on our rainbow nation canvas. My parents drove through it on a road trip at the end of last year, and brought its cultural eccentricities to my attention. I'm passing judgement with you, and finding POMPOUS POEPHOLS to be a fitting outcome!

IMO, jellybeans TOTALLY count as 5 a day ;-)

Koekie said...

Astrid - keep 'em twisted, sista!

Lau - 'appy 'appy for this Tuesday coming, chickn!

Lopz - I've found a sneaky bunch of sweets that are advertised as 100% natural fruit. Hahaha, whatever. But they still count, right?