Friday, September 22, 2006

Cooking with Koekie

Occasionally I attempt my hand at impersonating a domestic treasure. I’m taking medication for it.

So last night, I decided to cook supper for my beloved boyfriend. I should probably mention that, although I’ve got a drawerful of cooking books (attempts from family members to lead me down the path of domestic treasury), I don’t tend to follow recipes. Not even a little bit.

I might open a cookbook for inspiration and find a recipe that includes chickpeas, cumin, nan-bread, star anise and peaches. Hey, I’ve got a tin of chickpeas! But no cumin, nan-bread, star anise (huh?) or peaches… so let’s use… (open cupboard)… um… paprika instead of cumin, cous-cous instead of nan-bread, tuna instead of star anise aaaaand… chili instead of peaches.

The meals are generally christened “Sticky Stir-fry” or “Chicken a la Koekie”. Beloved Boyfriend, bless his cotton socks, eats all of my creations – usually with appropriate amounts of enthusiasm.

Right, back to last night. I decide to cook B.B. dinner. Now, what do we have in the fridge? What’s in the cupboards?

Once I’d amassed a satisfactory inventory of ingredients, I proceeded to chuck ‘em all into a pot. Shit, Pot A is getting too small. Transfer (now boiling) ingredients into Pan A. Too small. This is getting messy. More relocation of ingredients into two containers of Pan A and Pot B…

No problem, I pick the rest of it off the floor later. He’ll never know.

Upon completion, I phoned boyfriend (well, technically got him to phone me) and informed him that he had another concoction awaiting consumption. It actually wasn’t too bad…

After eating the meal, I informed boyfriend that as it’s his kitchen, he should probably clean the dishes (seeing as I’d used every pot and pan in the cupboard).

When you’re good, you’re good.


Jeanne said...

You crack me up. Have been at work since 7, v tired and am eating what i brought for lunch (cold stir-fry rice and pork- i think) for breakfast....cold....

Vlammenda Vok!!

Koekie said...

Eeewwww... cold pork for breakfast.

My breakfast is much more exciting. Jellytots rock!

A colleague and I are in the process of building (attempts at) rude and naughty jellytot structures. Use your imagination.

Friday. Long weekend on Monday.