Thursday, September 21, 2006

The gods of chaos

In a cruel twist of fate, it appears that I am not alone in the world. There are others capable of causing as much drama, if not more…

Take for example, a good-natured colleague, who decides to replace the empty water tank - you know how the water cooler sits on empty because people are too lazy to tip the next heavy jug upside down... Unfortunately, good-natured colleague doesn’t know how to refill the water cooler (do you?), so she effectively cocks it up, big time.

Suddenly there is much excitement, with cries of, “I’ve stuffed it up! Everybody fill up with water, NOW!”

She’s somehow managed to break the seal, so to speak, and the cooler is now spewing spring fresh H20 in every direction – and will proceed to do so unless we get the water level down to below the leak.

It broke the monotony of the morning, if nothing else.

While I’m on the topic of chaos and mayhem, I might as well share an email I received yesterday from a friend teaching in London:

"Yesterday I was in the school gym and this new 'hip' male teacher, who looks about 12 years old, asks me if I'd mind holding his feet while he does crunches. He failed to notice that he has asked the lightest, smallest person in the gym with the smallest feet! But hey, I obliged. He positioned himself on the exercise ball, I stood on his feet in an attempt to anchor him.

He leant back, clutching a weight to his chest and began his sit ups. Six crunches later, I was already bored.

I glanced out the window and BAM! Moron teacher has somersaulted backwards off the ball - legs over head, feet in the air, weight flying into mouth - into mangled heap against the floor-length mirror with a startled-bunny look on his face!"
Oops… 12-year-old bunny-faced teacher escaped this episode relatively unscathed, with a swollen lip and all his teeth still in place.

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