Thursday, September 21, 2006


Top Gear star in horror crash

London - A presenter on the BBC's Top Gear motoring programme was seriously injured in hospital on Thursday after a high-speed crash while filming the show, the broadcaster said.

Richard Hammond, 36, had been driving a jet-powered car capable of reaching 480km/h before the accident in northern England. British media reported he had been attempting to break the British land speed record.

On its website, the BBC quoted a hospital spokesperson as saying Hammond's condition was stable. Emergency workers cut Hammond free from the car, which had veered off the track and rolled over, the BBC quoted one of the rescuers as saying.

I hope his face isn't damaged...

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Jeanne said...

i love Top Gear and i love Richard Hammond! They played ice-hockey with cars on Tuesday night- brilliant!

hope that he is going to be ok...

To put a positive spin on it, Richard, chichks love battle wounds, stories and scars!