Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Flattened and tagged

So I moved my flat today. Well, when I say I moved my flat, I mean it in every sense of the South African definition. I watched four burly black men move my flat. In my defense, I was informed by the moving company that I was not allowed to move anything - leave it to the pro's otherwise it won't get insured. Suited me.

Even though I did no heavy lifting, watching all your worldly goods being packed up and carried away is quite an effort. It was also quite amusing watching Josie flirt with Surprise and Bornface, who responded with enthusiasm. Then Jo and I had our emotional farewells to deal with as well - but not before Jo got stung directly between the eyes by a bee. Even then she was loving the attention... "I look like an alien!" she wailed in mock distress.

I got myself and the last of my summer clothing back to my parents place (my home for the indefinite future). Now I just need to get a visa. Really, visa. Now.

At the end of the day, I am feeling flatter than my empty flat.

Which is why I wasn't going to blog, but after a little nap I woke up to discover that I've been tagged.

I think this is how it works... Spidertjie reckons I should share some things about myself that I haven't revealed on my blog. Me, the queen of overshare must share more (I lie. I may only be third princess behind Peas and Champers). Here goes:

-My father, as a joke when I was born, entered Galileo Bazeezelbub as my middle name. My grandmother sobbed unconsolably when she heard.
-One of my nicknames is Dildo. It had nothing to do with a reputation.
-I am terrified of h2o. Water en mass, makes me nervous. I am of the non-swimming persuasion.
-I watch 7de Laan, voluntarily.
-Sometimes, I pick my nose.

Overshare, over.

Ps. Peaches, you’re it. TAG.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry 7de laan is watched all over I hear. (Not by be though)
About the h2o thing why don't you try it once but make sure you have some good friends to make sure when you are drunk that you stay away from the water.
About the debate, I just don't care anymore. So good to him and if that makes me an idiot, then an idiot I'm proud of it.

Koekie said...

I have tried the water thing! I've been on open sea boats; I've been skiiing; I've even been scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef (although I had a panic attack underwater and ended up being dragged along by the instructor while I chanted in my head "Breathe in, breathe out" all the while keeping my eyes closed)

But if someone were to place a global ban on all water sports, I'd shrug and secretly do a tap dance in the privacy of my own home.

ps. Bleugh to idiots.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know you don't need to go into the water at h2o. You can party without getting wet.

Well if you don't just remeber ther is always Zeplin's for a good jol.

Peaches said...

7de Laan Koekie? Do you find yourself listening to the words or reading the subtitles that are whizzing by at the speed of light?

Cos despite understanding what they are saying, I find myself reading the subtitles.

PS. If I hear LL mock-cry on the phone again this morning I am going to vomay on her desk and give her something to cry about....

Peas said...

"Sometimes I pick my nose."

Fudging priceless. Man that's funny.
I'm also very scared of water Koeks. Not a water baby at all.

As for 7de Laan, only marginally more offensive than Home & Away (my favourite) ;)

Koekie said...

Spider: I get it, we're talking about different H-two-Ohs... Let's put it this way, I don't do water and I don't do crowds. H20 and me would bond like H20 and oil (speaking of which, I broke another bottle of virgin olive oil on Sunday. Messy.)

Peaches: I watch 7de Laan for the same reason I watch most soapies... for the lack of acting skills (but quirky eyebrow movements are a must)

Peas: I'm overjoyed to learn of a fellow fan of solid ground! There are, like, iffy things in the ocean. Why go there?