Friday, December 08, 2006

To do

Things I need to do before the end of the year:
  • Collect passport
  • Collect birth certificate
  • Collect Boyfriend’s birth certificate
  • Prove I don’t have a criminal record (yet)
  • Reapply for visa
  • Sell Boyfriend’s car
  • Fix my car’s window
  • Fix my car’s radio
  • Fix my car’s radiator
  • Pack up flat and ship to the Netherlands

Things I need to do sometime next year:

  • Find someone prepared to buy my car
  • Learn Dutch
  • Learn to ride a bike


Peaches said...

Quite a task list Koeks!!

You did forget to add:
Buy Peaches 'bitchy comment for every day' calendar thingy and get rip roaringly pissed with Peaches at farewell tackie squeek-off.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You know u had a good evening when u get kicked out of a Camel party, but manage to keep the stolen booze!

I rock!


Peaches said...

Stolen booze and Camal party...

Hungover much??

Anonymous said...

Something fierce!

Got to work 3 hours late and can't really do anything productive... bleurgh


Koekie said...


Peaches said...

You're a laugh a minute Koeksuster!

I will have you know that I am not a supa flirty girl so when I am engaging in my particular brand of flirt-off (doesnt have a very high success rate I will admit) I will do it wherever, whenever and with whomever I please so wah!!

ps: R, did you hear that, apparently we are flirting....

Anonymous said...

So Koekie did you manage to get some of the things done on the list for this year?