Friday, December 01, 2006


Apparently I'm approachable.

I went to Cresta on my day off. I wasn't in any rush, so when a grandpa called me over in the parking lot as I was arriving, I stopped to help. Before I knew what was happening, I had a 90-year-old granny on my arm and I was helping her out of the car and down the ramp to the shops.

I really didn't mind. In fact I found it quite amusing. She was an absolute dearheart. And she was the one who realised we were actually walking away from Dischem (our mutual destination). Thank god for her, otherwise I would've walked the length of Cresta before realising.

I shouldn't say thank god. Blasphemy. She's a nun from Lesotho - and has been for the last 70 years. That's dedication to the cause. I decided not to tell her that I live with my boyfriend.

Leaving my favourite Sister at the medical centre, she thanked me profusely and told me that one day, I too would get help when I least expected it.

Later, I was scratching in my wallet for parking money. I had exactly R3 in change, or a R100 note. Amazingly, my parking came to R3. And the machine accepted all of my coins - first time.

How often does that happen, people?

I'm telling you... karma.


Peaches said...

Bless Koeks!

Maybe your good karma is rubbing off and thats why the security guards changed my tyre for me on Sat night?

Peas on Toast said...

Firstly - congrats Koeks on your final day! Not getting up at sparrows now (sparrows sparrows, actually), must be rather nice!

Secondly - definitely karma. Rosebank parking lot always refuses my money, probably because I'm shouting at the asshole who stole my parking space.

Kate said...
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Koekie said...

Moral of the story, always help the 90 year old nun ;-)