Friday, December 15, 2006

The terror that flaps in the night... DWD

Two years ago I had an unfortunate incident with my then-boss... he was a creep and I made no pretense of liking him. This led to serious work tensions. I do not respond well to being sworn at from across the open plan office and he did not respond well to cocky upstarts swearing back at him.

We ended our passionate relationship with him threatening not to pay me and me flinging threats of the Labour Rights Act and CCMA court at him.

I left, he paid me. We didn't hug.

I'm not proud of how I behaved when I eventually left, it all got very childish and petty. Sometimes, I seem to think that once you start a fight, you might as well finish it. It's a matter of pride, or a lack thereof.

Yesterday, I sent out a press release to a group mailing list. Darkwing Duck (DWD, my previous boss) was obviously on mailing list, because I got a sarcastic (almost sneering) reply from him saying, "My my, small world."

Now, back in the day, I would've replied with something along the lines of: "My my, small penis." But I didn't. I just ignored it. This is me, letting it go. This is me, all growed-up.

Right. Now that I am finished extolling the virtues that are me, I can move on... to the Magaliesburg lodge where I am going to spend this weekend being pampered and indulged.

Yes, please.

Bring. It. On.


chewthecud said...

roflmao - koekie. "my, my, small penis" - i think it coulda been great! everyone needs to destress somehow. while i was working i almost posted a rant about bosses and how certain people can be dicks and assholes at the same time, which is where the urge to tell them to go fuck themselves must originate from ;P

Peas said...

Yeah the 'my, my small penis' thing, however childish, would've been a killer.

You can still do it you know. It's not too late.
And reap the satisfaction thereafter.

Whether true or not, or even if that person has the biggest shlong in all of Africa, alluding to the fact they have a small penis is the best revenge on Earth.
You afterwards.

Revolving Credit said...

Now Koeks, if your really want to take the wind out his sail, especially since he's expecting an email slugfest.

'Hi Darkwing
Here's wishing you and your family a very merry Xmas and jolly New Year

Mind fuck over!

Koekie said...

hehe... all good points!

Peaches said...

My my my, small penis and no balls. Dark Wing is def a very special breed of girlish boy Koeks!

Koekie said...

haha... that's true Peaches. I do seem to find them. Hmmm, is it me? Nah. Dismissing that introspective idea.

Peaches said...

Def dismiss!!

Random question: If you split your pants from crack to fan-belt down to knee in a terribly public scenario do you tell this story at infinitum to colleagues at your new job??

Koekie said...

Easy answer. Yes.

Great icebreaker.

Anonymous said...

All these are fine but if you really want to be the better person you should reply to the e-mail saying "Oh my God I never thought I would hear from you again" and then say you are sorry.

Only if you want to be the better person that is. Ignoring is just showing you have moved on with your life. But if that works for you good with that.