Thursday, December 28, 2006

Present time!

Poo. Another Xmas is in its moer. There’s no time like present time. The highlight of my Xmas was getting this: … a polystyrene plane valued at R3,99 in most toy stores. When was the last time YOU got a present that made you rush outside and play in the garden for the rest of the day? I thought so.

The plane was part of a riddle, as Beloved Boyfriend’s present to me. In a box were a bunch of numbered presents:

1) Pin-on badge that read “I’m ONE!”
2) A sticker that said “Free
3) A polystyrene plane (construction needed)
4) A used movie ticket
5) A two-year-old’s birthday candle
6) A guide book on Holland.

You get it? I did… One Free Plane Ticket To Holland. He’s going to pay for my flight, WHEN I finally get my visa.

Say it with me…. “Aaaaaaaaaw!”

My family think he’s completely nuts – I mean, his EU passport got him overseas out of my reach and now he wants to PAY to get me to join him?

I warned Boyfriend that he’s going to regret giving me the book on Holland, because it’s become my reading material. “…And then after we go there, we can go here, then we should go to this place, and then there’s this flower festival…”

Sorry for him!

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Peaches said...

Ah bless his little cotton socks!