Thursday, April 12, 2007

Call me Sophie

For some reason, my Blogger has randomly decided that because I've been logging in from the Netherlands for the last two months, I am now Dutch. Fortunately, I know where all the buttons are by habit, but if they have a sudden redesign on top of this change of language, I'm screwed.

Anywho, so today I cleaned Nicky's house.

It started off as a joke. Seeing as Nix has been in the country for longer than me, she took on the role of tour guide, guidance councillor and mother hen when I landed two months ago. She's coached me through low patches ("Belgium chocolate, that's what it's here for...") and she's shared in my joy at getting a work permit ("You bitch - it took me five months to get mine!"). Now she's leaving for a three-and-a-half month roadtrip around Australia with her boyfriend and they are renting out their flat while they're gone. This has meant pretty much packing up all their shit, cleaning the flat, etc.

Nix mentioned, in jest, that seeing as I've got nothing better to do, I should come clean their flat. I told her that I don't do windows, toilets, curtains, floors, carpets, blocked drains and cats. And I'm only available on Thursdays. This banter carried on for a while, but as Nix and her beau are jetting off on Monday, they're running out of time and I offered my services for real. It's not like I have bigger fish to fry during my hectic day of reading, watching DVDs, ironing and reading.

In return, Nix gave me a potplant of sunflower seeds (hah - like those are going to last until her return) and her boyfriend has offered to lend me his laptop while he's away. I think it was worth a day of elbow grease.

On the train trip home, I managed to attract a sweet freak, who took great delight in explaining his interests in applied mathematics and ballet (I don't think he does them at the same time). If there is a random conversation to be had, it will find me. According to Mills, I attract freaks and geeks like moths to a flame. Must be what drew us together then...

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ChewTheCud said...

Hahaha - You walk around calling nix "medem"? Better yet, they should call you "Ousie" for a couple of weeks ;P