Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tantalizing Vegetating

So far today, I've watched Bowfinger, Discovery Channel, BBC Prime, CNN and Al-Jazeera. We finally have TV!

Internet and TV in one week. It only took three months to get that sorted... two thumbs way up to the service industry.

I don't think we'll be able to keep all the channels - it's one of those "First 10 days free, thereafter you have to pay for the 260 channels, or lose 245 of them..." - but hey. TV, with sound, with Dutch subtitles. Does life get better than this?

Oh yes, and I still have no job. Thanks for reminding me. Now, if you'll excuse me, Turk TV is calling my name...


Peaches said...

You know you have a daytime tv problem when you:
a. can sing the theme songs for the tv shows
b. find you are watching the repeats of the same show over and over (ie: Watching your soapie in the evening and then rewatching the same episode the next morning)
c. planning your day/meals/errands around the tv (ie: Watch whatever and then bath and then will have my lunch at 12:30 when Baywatch is on and will go to shops after that so can be home before soapie starts.......)


ChewTheCud said...

Look at it this way koeks - You have all the time in the world to figure out how to bypass the 10 free day thing. You're an intelligent, unemployed girl with an internet connection - you can do anything ;)

Catalyst said...

Hey Chew, don't be so sure. Koekie and things electronic don't exactly get on well together!

She's been know to punch computer screens and her mere presence can cause any hard drive to suddenly develop the notion it's a hardy Mongolian sherpa with a drinking problem...

Koekie said...

It's true. Like horses and small children, electrical appliances can sense my unease.

Corporate Slave #45793 said...

Haha - You knowbefore I became a corporated slave I spent More or less a year on the couch.

November to June in Jo'burg and June to October in London. I think it was a defining period in my life. I got into shows like "Happy days", "mash"," Cheers" and simpsons oh my god the simpsons then there was friends...

It goes on. I also got kinda fat. Saved me a trip to the states to experience american culture though.

The where the worst of days, they where the best of days.

the worse days where when the remote batteries where dying.

I could go on, but I shant.