Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Distraction tactics

Hey Australia! Look over here! Yooo hooo... follow the sheep... away from the WI and all the way home...

Sigh. If only it could be that easy.
I'll be 'watching' the game via cricinfo: Refresh. Wait. Read. Exclaim in delight or disgust. Refresh. Wait. Read. Repeat and rinse.


Peaches said...

If it makes you feel better my 'pc crazed socially dysfunctional keeps his bike in his room' housemate will also be watching the cricket via the net. On both of his laptops. At the same time. While sitting infront of the tv and watching it on Sky!


ps: If I didnt want to watch the cricket too I would try out your skelm hoover tactic

fuzzy logic said...

Even I'm refreshing every 5 seconds - and I don't even like team sports!
Judging by the current score (47/5) . {sorry, now 48/5}I'm afraid it's going to end badly... Boooo! Can't we try your sheep tactics again?