Thursday, August 25, 2011

Different strokes

GBM and I are going to the UK this weekend. He flew out today, at 1pm. I'm following him a day later (tomorrow) at 1pm.

He started packing at 9.30 this morning. He got to the airport at midday.

I started packing at 9pm today. I am still packing and will still be (re)packing by 9.30 tomorrow morning. I can turn preparing for a weekend away into a full day of billable hours. Time mismanagement at its best.

I will be at the airport at 11am. Possibly earlier. For someone who's flown a lot and should be very blase about air travels (like GBM), I find airports very stressful.

Very stressful.

Very stressful.

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rd said...

Try the same approach in an African airport where it's hit or miss whether the plane is early, on time, late or even going to arrive.
Fun times