Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just a couple of coupons

So on Saturday, we went swinging through the trees thanks to a deal voucher. The week before, GBM and I went for an 8-dish tapas meal for the price of one main meal.

This evening, we enjoyed a three course meal at a fancy-shmancy restaurant for 40% off. Next week, I'm going with a friend for a "wellness day" of facials, head massage and general niceties - also at half the usual price. And I still need to figure out when I'm going to make use of my '10 Zumba classes for the price of four' vouchers.

Cycling home today, I realised that I might be developing a bit of a problem with this. GBM is also suffering from the affliction, eagerly signing up for regular mailing lists that announce discounts on work shirts and similar.

I think we've got it under control so far. We've been able to refrain from the seriously silly deals - like lazer eye-surgery and teeth whitening services.

But still... we're becoming a couponing couple. Which means one of two things for me...

a) we're getting old. I don't know why, but I associate coupons with old people dragging shopping carts on wheels. And blocking supermarket queues while they pay with every five cent piece in their position. GBM already does that, but without the cart.
b) we're becoming Dutch. The cloggies love a money-saver.

Neither option is good, in my eyes.

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rd said...
We've jsut joined, move over Zuckerberg, coupons are taking over the world now