Thursday, June 28, 2007

At last - an update... I know you've missed me

Contrary to vicious rumours, I have not fallen off my bike and into a narrow canal.

Let's see - there was the cyclist that got flattened by a tram. That wasn't pretty. Then there was the poker evening. Then there was the night of wild, animal monkey sex. There was also the team building barbeque-dinner on the beach with my new workmates, my first pay check and my first successful placement.

One of those sentences isn't true.
And it's not the tram/cyclist incident, the BBQ, the pay check, or the placement. I'll leave you to decide.

"A successful placement". That's what it's called when you find a person a job. To me, it sounds like something Borat would say after a trip to the toilet.

In other news, we're off to Croatia tomorrow. For a week. On a boat. Along the Dalmatian coastline.*

Here's a link to for the local weather. Just in case you're wondering. Feel free to click on it now and again in the week coming.

Tot volgende maand... fijne week! Doei!

*Disclaimer: come November, I do not want to hear anything about sunburn, beaches, bikinis, cocktails, sundowners or anything vaguely summery from the southern hemisphere. Kapish?

And now, I'm off to Croatia. Did I mention that we're gonna be on a boat, for a week?


ChewTheCud said...

You're going to Croatia? there's gonna be a boat? Oh just you wait for November missy. Have fun ;)

kop said...

i'll see you in 9 hours!

Peaches said...

An the rampant animal sex? Dont eat in front of the hungry Koeks!