Thursday, June 21, 2007


I am the proud mommy of two fat goldfish.

On Saturday, somewhere between the rugby, a pub crawl and a house-warming, I managed to become the proud owner of a pair of goldfish. The previous owner has relocated to Morocco and was putting them up for adoption. I offered to take them in... and sent Mills to fetch them.

He returned with two buckets and a 20litre-capacity fish bowl. Bucket1 contained fish food, AquaSafe water cleaning stuff, filters, carbon, air tubes, other stuff that we still haven't figured out, and operation manuals - in Dutch of course. Bucket2 contained one and a half fish (fish2 was not looking healthy, he only just escaped a flushing by giving a last-minute wriggle). I quickly pointed out that the half-dead one could be Mills's. Shotgun the healthy dude.

Putting it all together was eventful... particularly trying to pick up the round glass bowl, after filling it with 20 litres of freshly-treated water. While we were cleaning the filter, we happily noticed that the half-a-fish was looking increasingly healthier. He's a fighter, he is.

At last:

Fish bowl. Check.
Filter. Check.
De-chlorinating water stuff. Check.
Fish. Check (x1,5... almost x2)

Of course, there is the all important matter of naming them. I wanted to call them Bag and Gel, because both words go with Douche. I was also in favour of Poen and Gwarrah, taking them back to their SA roots. But in the end, it was Mills who named them. While transferring the fish to their final location, he called them freaky-deaky. It stuck.

Meet Deaky. Freaky insists on hiding from the camera.

ps. Bring on the fat, ginger kid jokes... it's like destiny!


Ross said...

Lets make a play date!

I'll even bring Jurido to the water.. just to give the fishies a fighting chance!

Putting them in his cage could make it a bit one sided! ha ha

Peas on Toast said...

Dude - you wanted to call your fish Poen!

(And Gwarrah)

Change them back, change them back! I wanna be their cyber godmother, see.

Koekie said...

Aaaw, Peas... I'm touched by the offer! How about Freaky Poen and Deaky Gwarrah?

You can be the cyber-godfairy if they survive through the next week... we're still not sure if I can keep pets alive, it's touch-and-go at the moment.

Bruski: You can keep you pet snake away from my pet fish. Besides, my fish are nasty. They have been known to eat their own offspring. No kidding.

Peas on Toast said...

Deal :)