Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Legal alien

"Ter uitreiking van uw (nieuwe) verblijfsdocument zult u hetzij door de ambtenaar burgerzaken of de ambtenaar publiekzaken van de gemeente waar u woon... blah blah blah.... aan betrokkene wordt een verblijfsdocument afgegeven met een geldigheidsduur van vijf jaar, geldig tot 7 Maart 2012"

According to dictionary.com:

"For distribution of your (new) stay document you or by the civil servant Department of Civil Affairs or the civil servant publiekzaken of the municipality where you live… blah blah blah…. to person concerned a stay document is delivered with a validity of five years, validly up to 7 March 2012."

After a few months of uncertainty, my semi-legal alien status has been revoked.... and replaced with a five year work permit. By some glitch in the matrix, I have been granted a residency permit.

In short, Ik ben officiaal... beetch!


Corporate Slave #45793 said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahhahhah Breathe
Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha Breathe

Oh the irony of the previus cock ups. Congratulations! to you and the IBM machine with a sense of humour!

Welcome to the EU, well almost.

kop said...

does that mean you can travel around europe without visas? probably not, that would be just to good!

welcome to Europe, may you have a pleasant stay over the next 5 years!

Revolving Credit said...

Does this mean that you cable tv will now work???

Catalyst said...

The fools! The poor, poor unsuspecting fools!

Ross said...

YAY! Seeing as though this is the only way I get news these days!

Good form!

Hopefully chat soon