Monday, April 21, 2008


I feel rejuvenated. Yesterday, I spent the majority of my afternoon just lying in the sun. Yes. The Sun.

And it was WARM.

Apparently, it was 16, maybe 17 degrees, and I celebrated by getting out a summer dress and lying in the sun on our balcony. The irony is not lost on me. Back home, if the forecast was 16 degrees, I wouldn't have gotten out of bed - other than to refill my hot water bottle.

Yesterday was the first time that the thermometre has gone past 11 degrees this year, and they've predicted similar temps for the week. I feel like a solar panel - recharged.


Boomkind said...

That bit of sun must have done some damage! Youv'e been missing for several days now?

Koekie said...

Hi dude - thanks for checking up! The sun is doing damage... to my sleep time. We've been out and enjoying as much sunshine as we can cram in, which means less time at the keyboard :-)