Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Conflicting messages

This morning I got up and blearily turned on the TV. It was 6:55am and the channel was still on RTL5, one of the local senders. The visuals showed naked ladies with naked boobies, and a number enticing any early-morning commuters to give them ladies a ding before hopping on their bikes to work.

I'm still only really used to seeing that kind of content after midnight, (on e-tv at The Colony on a Saturday), but jawellnofine. We're in the Netherlands. Land of the liberal and all and all.

Then I listened to the audio track running over the nekkid noombies. A squeaky voice was asking viewers to call in if they wanted to buy 'this' Disney toy.

I trust this was a broadcast mistake, because appealing to pester-power is more in line with 7am midweek TV viewing. But showing nip-nips while appealing to the ears of hyperactive 5-year-olds? That's a bit weird, even for the cloggies.

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Don't believe a word I write said...

Dutchland is a strange and interesting place, yep indeedy. As opposed to South Africa, of course, where you can see a dead body stuffed in a fridge on the front page of a tabloid newspaper. Different strokes, eh Koekie?