Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Come on summer... please

God, I am sick of this grey weather. And it's set to storm, hail and snow again this weekend. Apparently. Just in time for the weekend hockey games, of course.

On the upside, we did have almost a whole day of sunshine on Monday. Woo hoo. I came home practically bouncing off the walls... "the sun's shining, the sun's shining! Let's go for a run, anywhere, somewhere, outside, come oooooon... let's go go go..." Making hay while the sun shines took on a literal meaning.

Back on the Wilder's front (my latest rant), the Dutch MP has told the Prime Minister that he should apologise to Geert, for creating a "crisis situation". The rule of thumb with most of Dutch associates is that if you follow, or take, Geert Wilders seriously, you're an idiot.

Sticking with the Islamic argument (or non-argument), while pottering around in yet another hail/rain storm the other day, I decided to wrap my scarf around my head in an attempt to a) keep the hair dry and b) keep the hair under control. I decided there is something to be said for wearing a hijab on a daily basis. Are you allowed to wear one for convenience, not religious beliefs? I don't see why not.

Amendment: SA Blog Awards were out last night. Congrats to the winners - and thanks to any readers (mostly my family), for voting for me. I dig you guys :-)

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