Sunday, March 30, 2008

What's happening..?

Meet Geert Wilders, a Dutch MP.

He's put together an anti-Koran video which was released on a video sharing website, because none of the TV-senders in the Netherlands would air it... probably with good reason. The video looks like something put together by semi-educated 15-year-olds.

The video itself consists of old footage of the Madrid and London Underground bombings, 9/11, a beheading.... gruesome bloody footage, imposed with heart-tugging string musics and verses of the Koran insighting violence on infidels. The video ends with the 'inevitable future' of the Netherlands, under Muslim law. It's pure emotive propaganda.

My favourite part is the bit where he shows a 'picture' of a convicted killer (who killed a Dutch TV producer), which is actually the face of a current Muslim actor and rapper in the Netherlands. Ag, you know these people... they all look alike anyway.

If you're interested, you should be able to view the video by searching "Fitna" on youtube or Personally, I feel the world should only start paying Geert attention when he dyes his hair a more natural colour (his current hair colour borders on green).

In the biggest hypocrisy, a man was arrested in Amsterdam for saying what Wilders says... but using 'Jew' and 'Judaism' instead of Muslim and Islamic. Wilders is revered for expressing freedom of speech, and this guy is arrested for saying the same things but about different people? How the fuck does that work?

IN other news, I joined NC for a trip to the Weddingbeurs (exhibition) to see if we could brainstorm any inspiration for her upcoming big day. The fashion show was interesting. It had all the usual elements: pretty, elegant ladies in white flowing gowns, accessorised by a few well-manicured 'grooms'... garnished with a roll-on bed (complete with a bridal make-out session), a bride on roller skates and a lesbian bridal snog on stage. All of this went down without so much as a blink from the crowded audience. I must be really traditional - I was not expecting girl on girl action at the Bridal Expo.


I also thoroughly enjoyed the idea of getting the bridal couple made as "Taart Toppers" for the wedding cake. Now, instead of just being conventionally gawdy, you can take kitschness one step further and put YOURSELF on the cake!

Tarty Toppers:
Mini-me the bridal couple:

So classy, it makes me cry a little.


kop said...

That is a killer pose!

And how can you mock that man's style?!

Koekie said...

Kop, you are showing your true Cloggie colours but supporting that man's hairstyle.